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Special Needs Yoga- With a growing need in the SPECIAL NEEDS COMMUNITY I have added an extra class.Take a moment to learn more about my Special Needs Yoga. Saturdays at 12:00 pm,January 21. the classes are 1hr participants ages start at 10 yrs location:5475 PARE suite 107,Montreal contact: 514-777-9086
LOVE THESE KIDS!- My Special Needs Yoga Program got off to a great start! Feeling so blessed to have this opportunity to work with these amazing kids and teens. WE had a blast with our breathing exercises, spinal warm up, yoga dance and final rest. The best part was that some of the moms asked if they could […]
Summit School Special Needs Classes.- As most of you know for the last nine years or so I have been teaching yoga to students at the Summit School. It is a real joy for me to see the kids learn to enjoy their bodies and gain more confidence and poise as they progress. Please send me a quick note if […]
Check out these great tips!- Need inspiration?  Take a few minutes to enjoy this great post! mindbodygreen: 13 Tips To Feel Good Today (They Each Take Less Than 2 Minutes) Such amazing tips! I too try to live by these 13 tips. I have a Daily Check In that I like to do. Every morning I light a candle and set […]
The gifts and 4 life lessons I received in teaching yoga to Special Needs students- The first gift I received was when my daughter Jasmin -now 18 yrs old- was born with Down Syndrome. Jasmin has been our guiding light to living life to the fullest. Each and every day since she was born has been a heart-opening journey . Jasmin has opened my eyes of a world of possibilities […]
Dreams Can Really Come True- I have just come back from Loule, Portugal, where I go every year to our family home. The lovely and tranquil Villa Jasmina is named after our daughter, and every time I go there I feel profound gratitude for the raw beauty of the country. It is an oasis of flowers, birds, fresh air, great […]
Andrew Perez and Breathing For Success!- Since the last time I saw Andrew and helped him with some breathing techniques for The Special  World Olympics Games this past summer, big things have happened to him! He brought home two Gold, two Silver and one Bronze medal in  individual events, and shared the Gold with the rest of the Canadian Swim Team in the […]
Andrew Perez, Special Olympics World Games-   I had the pleasure and honor working with Andrew Perez who will be participating in The Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles during the last week of July 2015.  Andrew made it to the Canadian swim team. He is a former student at Summit School for special needs. Andrew is a phenomenal being. […]
What I learned from Rolf Gates- Conference at Kripalu During my life changing experience at Kripalu I had the blessing of attending some of Rolf Gates classes. When Rolf walked in the room immediately I saw his warm smile and his calming presence. He is so grounded and present and extremely funny, which makes him a great speaker and teacher. He has […]
How I Started Teaching Yoga to Special Needs Kids- As many of you know, my daughter Jasmin was born with Down syndrome. In searching for a local school that specialized in working with kids that needed special care, my husband and I came across the Summit School. Their people were so kind and dedicated, we were relieved to have found a place where we knew […]

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