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Special Needs Yoga

Monica and Jasmin

Our first beautiful child Jasmin was born 1997 with down syndrome. Being a first-time parent and no clue what were the health implications of being born with down syndrome started our journey in learning the care of our daughter. Jasmin had low muscle tone, loss of hearing and difficulties with speech. With countless doctors appointments many surgeries and therapies I became over the years quite a specialist with her care. Jasmin now is a vibrant,healthy and happy Teenager. She is thriving in school and loves dancing,swimming and socializing with her friends. I couldn’t be more happier for her. Jasmin naturally led me to teaching Yoga to Special Needs Students, and the rest is history ..

Yoga for Kids and Teenagers with Special Needs

Yoga can improve behavior and focus, increased strength, flexibility, and balance, and promote self – regulation in children with special needs. These classes presents principles and processes of creative relaxation through postures, breathing, and mindfulness and teaches postures selected specifically for children on the autism spectrum and, with ADHD, down syndrome, sensory processing and emotional or behavioral disorders and other challenges.

What to Expect

Students are shown how the benefits of yoga therapy can calm and energize, create a sacred space, and develop sensory bodily awareness.


I encourage you to contact me to see how your loved one can benefit from Yoga designed especially for your special child.

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