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Yoga food is an eating philosophy based on a wholesome vegetarian diet. Its principles of healthy eating use vegetarian ingredients in combination with spices and herbs that have therapeutic value and delicious flavors.

“You Are What you Eat” a commonly used phrase in yoga, has a powerful meaning. Yoga believes that food not only influences your body in the physical sense but is also known to directly influence emotions and feelings. It can induce bliss or anger, contentment or restlessness, thoughts of the sacred or the profane. The quality of the food you eat literally creates your state of mind and emotions. The teachings of yoga advocate a vegetarian diet with special emphasis on foods that bring peace to body, mind, and sprit.

Why vegetarian? – Yoga food is based on the idea that foods must be consumed in their most natural forms in order to realize their true benefits. The yogic belief is that several health disorders can be traced to faulty nutrition, poor diet and difficulty in digestion. The big Idea? In order to stay healthy and happy “food should be digested very easily” A vegetarian yoga diet ensures that all faculties of digestion work smoothly absorption, assimilation, and elimination. The diet also contains high amounts of fiber and antioxidants. Yoga food helps to maintain a strong and healthy body, a stress-free mind, and a positive spirituality in our complex lifestyles. The benefits of a well-balanced vegetarian diet can be powerful.

Yoga Food is classified into 3 categories: Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic Foods

Here are my takeaway Indian meals . I use market fresh produce and freshly ground spices. Meals are vacuum packed to keep in freshness. Great for last minute meal planning.

Vegetarian meal 12.00
Chicken meal 14.00

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