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Monica Merleau

Monica has a vibrant passion, for life. She enjoys hiking, dancing, cooking, but most of all, she enjoys her love of teaching…
Monica believes, in transformation of the mind, body, spirit and soul, combining it with a healthy lifestyle.
Over the last twenty years, Monica has acquired tools to enrich her teachings, as well as her own lifestyle.
Monica is certified, in hatha yoga and blends Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga to help release toxic blockages, from the mind, body and soul. Her Training in Thai Yoga Massage has given her an added quality to be hands on to help release emotional blockages and physical discomfort. She shares her own experiences, in recovery, to help others learn a path, to a clear minded, peaceful way of living. She also, uses a combination of techniques, she has mastered over the years. to empower her clients, and ultimately free themselves of physical, mental and spiritual limitations.
Her goal is, to inspire people of all backgrounds and ages, to enjoy their divine gifts and become more self confident, through their own self love….

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