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mindbodygreen: 13 Tips To Feel Good Today (They Each Take Less Than 2 Minutes)

Such amazing tips! I too try to live by these 13 tips.

I have a Daily Check In that I like to do. Every morning I light a candle and set my intention for the day. I check in and see how I feel. From that point I decide how I will take care of myself for the day with love and kindness. For example, if I wake up feeling run down I will cut down on my to do list and take some rest during the day. That way on the following day I’m ready to go!

What tricks do you have to keep yourself feeling good?

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The gifts and 4 life lessons I received in teaching yoga to Special Needs students

The first gift I received was when my daughter Jasmin -now 18 yrs old- was born with Down Syndrome. Jasmin has been our guiding light to living life to the fullest. Each and every day since she was born has been a heart-opening journey . Jasmin has opened my eyes of a world of possibilities in human kind.

Yoga has been in my life for over twenty years. Eight years ago I got the opportunity to teach Yoga at Summit School, a school in Montreal, Canada for students with Special Needs including Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and other neurological challenges. Working with these students has been one of the best experiences of my life.



Here are 4 life lessons I received from my daughter and students

These amazing kids and young adults have pure hearts. God sent them to us to help us learn to open our hearts. To be vulnerable. To show our love to each other. One day I asked my daughter about a classmate and she describe him as KIND and SWEET, not skinny, fat, pretty or stupid. Well, that just melted my heart.

These students appreciate smallest things and gestures. They love eye contact, for just  that one moment they are noticed. After all, don’t we all wish to be recognized and appreciated for who we truly are?  In Yoga we learn all the deep inner layers of ourselves and these kids have taught me compassion for the self. They go straight to the source of just being them.

I see so many of us taking things for granted. How we manage to turn small problems into big ones! But these students have gratitude for the simplest of things. Joy of music, dancing, hugging, meal time and friendship. I can walk into my class with the world of troubles on my shoulders and in one sweep the students bring me back to the joy of living. Now that’s GRATITUDE!

We live in a society where our achievements are never enough, where we feel that we are not enough, no matter how well we do . “85% is ok, but you can do better!”  What if we could take pride in even the little things we do?  What if we could see the gifts in all humankind. Well these students do! Maybe they know how much harder they have to work for the same things that we take for granted. Just to balance on one foot is an achievement for some people. I have seen an individual in a regular adult class beat themself up trying to do Tree Pose.  Instead they could be looking at themselves and appreciating where they are at in that moment. “Wow,” they could say, “life is amazing , look what it is showing me!”

The greatest lesson for myself has been to Love myself and others for who they are. We all have Special Needs, we just have to appreciate them as gifts they truly are.


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Dreams Can Really Come True

I have just come back from Loule, Portugal, where I go every year to our family home. The lovely and tranquil Villa Jasmina is named after our daughter, and every time I go there I feel profound gratitude for the raw beauty of the country. It is an oasis of flowers, birds, fresh air, great food and blue skies.

Whenever I spend time there, I feel very profoundly that Villa Jasmina is a place of gathering, a place to bring people together. Over time, I have begun to have a dream, a dream of having an experience like no other with a group of women, where we would bond and get to know ourselves and one another on a deeper level.

My dream is to host a yoga meditation retreat to share learning in a program on the Art of Living that was designed just for you. I cannot do this alone so I asked the fantastic Ellie Ballentine, a Mindset Mentor who I deeply respect, to partner with me in the project.  She was open to the opportunity so we recently met in Portugal to bring our dream together.I feel very blessed that this dream is now coming to fruition. Please mark May 2016 on your calendar.  I do  most deeply hope you will be able to be there to share in this wonderful retreat experience with us.

I will keep you posted on details soon.



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Andrew Perez and Breathing For Success!

Since the last time I saw Andrew and helped him with some breathing techniques for The Special  World Olympics Games this past summer, big things have happened to him! He brought home two Gold, two Silver and one Bronze medal in  individual events, and shared the Gold with the rest of the Canadian Swim Team in the 4×50 Medley Relay. Way to go Andrew!! What an amazing achievement!  His mother, Cathy Perez, told me that it was the most incredible and proud experience for Andrew and their whole family.

Cathy also told me that the breathing exercises I had shared with Andrew in preparation for the Games had really helped him deal with the challenges and pressures he faced.  I taught Andrew three types of breath work that can help anybody to get closer to achieving their goals.  Why not give them a try too?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

 1: 5 – 5 – 5 breathing;  to help relax the nervous system and to help you to focus.  Start by inhaling through the nose to the count of five. Then hold that breath for five, and then exhale through the nose to a count of five.  As I had suggested, Andrew did this for eleven minutes every morning.


2: Bumble Bee breathing; to help shut out exterior noise and calm the chatter in the head.  With your ears covered, begin by inhaling through the nose.  Then purse your lips and block your ears as you exhale through the nose. You will hear only buzzing and no exterior sound outside. The effect is soothing and calming.

3: Alternate nose cooling breathing exercise; this one is to cool your body down and help you sleep.  This is a simple exercise that you do by inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling out of the right for a period 11 mins. You need to give enough time to come down from your day.

These simple breathing techniques can help you deal with the stresses in your life, so give them a try.  For more details check out my videos.

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What I learned from Rolf Gates

Rolf_GatesConference at Kripalu

During my life changing experience at Kripalu I had the blessing of attending some of Rolf Gates classes. When Rolf walked in the room immediately I saw his warm smile and his calming presence. He is so grounded and present and extremely funny, which makes him a great speaker and teacher.
He has a great quote;

What we carry in our hearts is who we are, and who we are is our gift to the world.

What a great way to set the tone for a practice. I also noticed that he is a great listener. Throughout the conference he would listen and then take time to talk to the individual about what they had spoken about. In his teachings he spoke about acceptance and surrendering. He helped us explore the concept of being your own best friend. He taught us about feeling the ground of the earth, being grounded. He said that;

YOGA is what you are doing and it is in BEING that is the pose. ~ Rolf Gates


Rolf asked me what I got out of the Recovery Conference. I said TRUTH. To be honest with myself and others. To not run away from the truth and deal with it head on. During the conference many of us spoke candidly about our feelings. We felt safe with our group. His magical words when he ended a session were;

“May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy, may you know freedom, find peace and walk through the world with ease” ~ Rolf Gates

My big take away was that I’m always protected by our higher power so it is safe to say that the truth will guide me and set me free.

Rolf Gates, author of the acclaimed book on yogic philosophy “Meditations from the Mat; Daily Reflections on the Path Of Yoga,” is one of the leading voices of modern yoga. Rolf conducts 200 to 500 Vinyasa Intensives teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad annually. He is also the co-founder of the Yoga + Recovery Conference.

Thank you for listening Rolf

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My Day with Niiki Myers

About Niiki

IMG_0294How to describe Niiki? Awesome, trail blazer, dynamic, queen bee, beautiful goddess, compassionate…… Can you tell that I love her?!

What an amazing women! Niiki founded Y12SR: THE YOGA OF 12-STEP RECOVERY, a relapse prevention program that brings together yoga philosophy and practices that weave together the ancient wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of the 12-step addiction recovery model. Niiki travels all around the U.S. giving leadership training for her program. This stems from her recovery of many addictions .

At Kripalu

Niiki talked about co-dependency, the disease of the lost self. ” You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame.” She spoke about healthy boundaries and healthy self esteem. Our yoga practice was about holding the space through our asanas (poses) and to feel our own boundaries within. Trusting our intuition of self reliance. Niiki is a dynamic teacher who holds her own space. You can feel it from her. At the same time she is vulnerable and open with her words and actions. She really WALKS THE TALK!

(More about my time at Kripalu in coming blogs.)

What I got from Nikki

When you have a role model like Niiki Myers she inspires you to be your best self. There was this deep inner strength that I got from her that allowed me to feel it too. I loved how brutally honest she was. Nothing was left unsaid about her past. Ask and you will receive. Niiki helped me to not hide from the truth. To face my fears dead on. So leaving with her words of wisdom I have a tool box;

truth, caring, responsibility, courage, acceptance, communicate, understand and to be honest. It all starts with myself.

So much gratitude!
Thank you Niiki

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