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My Day with Niiki Myers

About Niiki

IMG_0294How to describe Niiki? Awesome, trail blazer, dynamic, queen bee, beautiful goddess, compassionate…… Can you tell that I love her?!

What an amazing women! Niiki founded Y12SR: THE YOGA OF 12-STEP RECOVERY, a relapse prevention program that brings together yoga philosophy and practices that weave together the ancient wisdom of yoga with the practical tools of the 12-step addiction recovery model. Niiki travels all around the U.S. giving leadership training for her program. This stems from her recovery of many addictions .

At Kripalu

Niiki talked about co-dependency, the disease of the lost self. ” You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame.” She spoke about healthy boundaries and healthy self esteem. Our yoga practice was about holding the space through our asanas (poses) and to feel our own boundaries within. Trusting our intuition of self reliance. Niiki is a dynamic teacher who holds her own space. You can feel it from her. At the same time she is vulnerable and open with her words and actions. She really WALKS THE TALK!

(More about my time at Kripalu in coming blogs.)

What I got from Nikki

When you have a role model like Niiki Myers she inspires you to be your best self. There was this deep inner strength that I got from her that allowed me to feel it too. I loved how brutally honest she was. Nothing was left unsaid about her past. Ask and you will receive. Niiki helped me to not hide from the truth. To face my fears dead on. So leaving with her words of wisdom I have a tool box;

truth, caring, responsibility, courage, acceptance, communicate, understand and to be honest. It all starts with myself.

So much gratitude!
Thank you Niiki

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We were proud to be a part of the Autism Speaks Montréal Walk event!

On the 24th of May 2015 the staff of Monica Merleau Holistic Lifestyle were so very pleased to have joined with Krista Leitham and her fabulous team at Autism Speaks Canada to put on such a fabulous event. Held at the historic Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, home of the world famous Montréal Alouettes, the event brought together members of the autistic and special needs communities of the Greater Montréal area. The amount of caring and sharing of valuable information and support was truly inspiring.

Many of the parents I spoke to were extremely grateful for all the work being done on their behalf to help the kids.

It was a super experience and we look forward to working closely with this amazingly dedicated team in the future.

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Children with special needs aren't sent to special parents. They MAKE parents special!Monica

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