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Summit School Special Needs Classes.

Contact me for details!

Contact me for details!

As most of you know for the last nine years or so I have been teaching yoga to students at the Summit School. It is a real joy for me to see the kids learn to enjoy their bodies and gain more confidence and poise as they progress.

Please send me a quick note if you would like to get more information about the classes and the school itself.

Love & Light,


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Check out these great tips!

Need inspiration?  Take a few minutes to enjoy this great post!

mindbodygreen: 13 Tips To Feel Good Today (They Each Take Less Than 2 Minutes)

Such amazing tips! I too try to live by these 13 tips.

I have a Daily Check In that I like to do. Every morning I light a candle and set my intention for the day. I check in and see how I feel. From that point I decide how I will take care of myself for the day with love and kindness. For example, if I wake up feeling run down I will cut down on my to do list and take some rest during the day. That way on the following day I’m ready to go!

What tricks do you have to keep yourself feeling good?

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