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Andrew Perez and Breathing For Success!

Since the last time I saw Andrew and helped him with some breathing techniques for The Special  World Olympics Games this past summer, big things have happened to him! He brought home two Gold, two Silver and one Bronze medal in  individual events, and shared the Gold with the rest of the Canadian Swim Team in the 4×50 Medley Relay. Way to go Andrew!! What an amazing achievement!  His mother, Cathy Perez, told me that it was the most incredible and proud experience for Andrew and their whole family.

Cathy also told me that the breathing exercises I had shared with Andrew in preparation for the Games had really helped him deal with the challenges and pressures he faced.  I taught Andrew three types of breath work that can help anybody to get closer to achieving their goals.  Why not give them a try too?

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 1: 5 – 5 – 5 breathing;  to help relax the nervous system and to help you to focus.  Start by inhaling through the nose to the count of five. Then hold that breath for five, and then exhale through the nose to a count of five.  As I had suggested, Andrew did this for eleven minutes every morning.


2: Bumble Bee breathing; to help shut out exterior noise and calm the chatter in the head.  With your ears covered, begin by inhaling through the nose.  Then purse your lips and block your ears as you exhale through the nose. You will hear only buzzing and no exterior sound outside. The effect is soothing and calming.

3: Alternate nose cooling breathing exercise; this one is to cool your body down and help you sleep.  This is a simple exercise that you do by inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling out of the right for a period 11 mins. You need to give enough time to come down from your day.

These simple breathing techniques can help you deal with the stresses in your life, so give them a try.  For more details check out my videos.

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