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Andrew Perez, Special Olympics World Games


Monica and Andrew Perez_SML

I had the pleasure and honor working with Andrew Perez who will be participating in The Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles during the last week of July 2015.  Andrew made it to the Canadian swim team. He is a former student at Summit School for special needs. Andrew is a phenomenal being. With his great humor and out going personality, plus to boot an amazing athlete, he has made himself and his family very proud.


His mother Cathy Perez asked me to help Andrew out in dealing with challenges and pressure of the upcoming Games. The stress was starting to make him feel run down and he was having trouble sleeping. I showed him a few different breathing exercises that he could practice when needed. First was a morning breath exercise that helps to start your day on a positive note and focus. The second one is an ending breathing technique to help him relax and have a good night sleep. The third is called Bumble Bee Breath. This one helps to calm the chatter in your brain and to cut out exterior noise. This will help Andrew when he gets on a plane. For he has a fear of flying. All of these exercises you can see in my up coming videos.

I look forward to catching up with Andrew and seeing how the breathing exercises helped.  Andrew you are an amazing guy and you make our country proud!


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  1. Cathy Perez

    Dear Monica,
    Andrew has returned from the Special Olympic World Games triumphant. He won Two Gold Medals,a Silver Medal and a fourth place. He seemed relaxed,more engaged and experienced personal bests in his sport. Thank You for your help. Things work out in mysterious ways and we were meant to meet that day when I asked you if you can see him. Your imput made all the difference. See you soon!????

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