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What I learned from Rolf Gates

Rolf_GatesConference at Kripalu

During my life changing experience at Kripalu I had the blessing of attending some of Rolf Gates classes. When Rolf walked in the room immediately I saw his warm smile and his calming presence. He is so grounded and present and extremely funny, which makes him a great speaker and teacher.
He has a great quote;

What we carry in our hearts is who we are, and who we are is our gift to the world.

What a great way to set the tone for a practice. I also noticed that he is a great listener. Throughout the conference he would listen and then take time to talk to the individual about what they had spoken about. In his teachings he spoke about acceptance and surrendering. He helped us explore the concept of being your own best friend. He taught us about feeling the ground of the earth, being grounded. He said that;

YOGA is what you are doing and it is in BEING that is the pose. ~ Rolf Gates


Rolf asked me what I got out of the Recovery Conference. I said TRUTH. To be honest with myself and others. To not run away from the truth and deal with it head on. During the conference many of us spoke candidly about our feelings. We felt safe with our group. His magical words when he ended a session were;

“May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be happy, may you know freedom, find peace and walk through the world with ease” ~ Rolf Gates

My big take away was that I’m always protected by our higher power so it is safe to say that the truth will guide me and set me free.

Rolf Gates, author of the acclaimed book on yogic philosophy “Meditations from the Mat; Daily Reflections on the Path Of Yoga,” is one of the leading voices of modern yoga. Rolf conducts 200 to 500 Vinyasa Intensives teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad annually. He is also the co-founder of the Yoga + Recovery Conference.

Thank you for listening Rolf

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  1. MonicaM9086

    Hi Monica,

    This is a really great post. I wish I was there.

    Keep up the good work.

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